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Birthdate:Oct 16
Author: lilian_cho
Rating: PG-13 so far
Word count: 100-word drabbles and short snippets
WARNING: For my own ease of reading, all drabbles and snippets 150 words and under will not be under an LJ-cut. The writing will be slightly erotic in nature; there would most likely be some m/m or m/f development ahead.

A/N: The idea for this 'verse was conceived when I was answering [ profile] mind_spark's Gothic Horror Challenge prompts "petal" and "ashes."

I've always liked the idea of simulacra and realized that Hey, I could conceivably write an infinite number of simulacra stories, all tied to Aurelianus, this mad scientist wizard who is the authority in simulacra.

This DW will be updated as I write more drabbles, snippets and/or short stories in this 'verse.

Enjoy! (Everything is posted reverse chronologically for easy reading)
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